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Make Saddle Fitting and Shopping Easy!

Here at SaddleCast we know that nothing connects you to your horse more than the saddle. Most of the communication between horse and rider is done through the seat, and an improperly fitted saddle not only mutes that communication, it can also be painful and harmful to your horse.

Getting a saddle that fits both rider and horse can be an exceptionally difficult task. If you remember the last time you shopped for a saddle, you likely sat on the saddle before you bought it. However, making sure it fits your horse is another matter altogether.

You could trailer your horse to the saddle shop, but this is time consuming and inconvenient. So, for the vast majority of us, we simply go with trial and error. Luckily most saddle stores and websites will let you return or exchange a saddle within a specific time frame to give you time to check the fit, but if that saddle is damaged during this time, you most likely will have to purchase the saddle. 

SaddleCast uses innovative Ultraviolet technology that uses the sun’s natural UV light to quickly harden a flexible and pliable mold into a hard cast in the shape of your horse’s back. It can be used as a tool to take the guess work out of saddle shopping, fitting and can also be used to help with accurate dimensions for a custom-made saddle. Take your horse's back with you to find the perfect saddle!

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