SaddleCast FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

 Will the material in the SaddleCast get on my horse’s coat?

    The materials inside SaddleCast will not leak out or get on your horse’s coat. It is fully enclosed in the package and is completely safe. As long as you do not cut or pry open the unhardened Cast, the material is fully contained.

     What do I do with the Cast once it is hardened in the shape of my horse’s back?

      There are many options you have with the hardened SaddleCast. Here are just a few ideas:

      • Take the SaddleCast with you to your nearest saddle shop and fit a used saddle to you and your horse’s back.
      • Send your SaddleCast into a Custom Saddle Maker of your choice for a complete custom-made saddle. Some saddle makers have 3D scanning capabilities. 
      • Let your professional Saddle fitter use this exact mold of your horse instead of having to do a trace. They will be able to find the perfect saddle for your horse. 
      • Keep track of changes to your young, growing horse to make sure your saddle still fits as they continue training. You can re-cast your horse every 3 - 6 months and make the necessary changes to your saddle if needed. You can compare with the first cast for changes in your horse’s muscular build

      How long does it take for the SaddleCast to harden?

        Typically, it can take 2-4 minutes for the SaddleCast to harden. If its cloudy outside it will take a little longer, approx. 5-7 minutes for the UV rays to harden the SaddleCast. Make sure the UV index is at least a 2. 

        Can I make the Saddle Cast at night?

          No, not yet. You will need to wait for the Sun to come up.

           Can I make the SaddleCast if it is raining/snowing outside?

            While SaddleCast is waterproof and it does not require a certain temperature outside to work, the sun still needs to be shining in the sky. It will take a little longer to harden if its cloudy, but the UV index needs to be at least a 2 to fully cure into a SaddleCast to use. 

            Does the SaddleCast get hot?

              SaddleCast uses the rays from the Sun (UV Light) to harden the cast on your horses back. There is some heat generated from this, but since there is a fabric barrier between the cast and your horse, no harm will come to your equine friend.