SaddleCast Instructions

Download a PDF file of the instructions here

**Please read all instructions before beginning!

**Sensitive UV material- Keep in packaging and out of Direct Sunlight until ready to use**

You will need the following items before you begin: Marking tape (any low-tac tape) or marking chalk, marker or pen & your SaddleCast box. It will help tremendously if there are two people available. One person to hold your horse and one person to SaddleCast your horse. 

1. Bring your horse out to a safe and secure area where there is no shade. Position your horse facing away from the sun on a flat, level surface. Square your horse so he is standing evenly on all four legs.

2. Find the edge of the boney mass in your horse’s shoulder called the Scapula. 


3. Mark behind the scapula approx. 2-3 fingers width with the tape as pictured below. Allow enough room for shoulder movement. The amount of space needed behind the scapula can vary from each horse. Also, mark the center of the spine to the loin area. Make sure there is a buddy tab on the top of the tape for easy removal.

4.  Make sure your horse is facing away from the Sun. You want all the sunlight to shine evenly on both sides of your horse's back as much as possible. Remove your SaddleCast from the box and place it on your horse's back. The black UV-protective cover will shield the UV rays from the cast so keep it in place.

5.  Align the middle of the front lobe of the SaddleCast with the leading edge of the tape you placed behind the scapula. Align the back notch of the SaddleCast to your horse's spine, where marked. These guides will keep the SaddleCast straight.

6.  Take your time (about 1-2 minutes) to smooth out any creases and form the SaddleCast well to your horse's back. This helps the material settle in place. Check once more to make sure the cast is in the correct place. Make sure your horse is standing square with his head in a relaxed position.

7.  Once the SaddleCast is in the correct place and smoothed into your horse's back, peel the UV protective cover from front to back and expose the SaddleCast to the Sun. Make sure the cast did not move and reposition if needed. Keep your horse still and wait about 3-5 minutes for the Sun to harden the cast.


8.  Let the SaddleCast cure. The UV index for that day will determine how long the SaddleCast will take. It will produce some heat from the UV reaction, so adjust the SaddleCast by the front and back notches if needed when curing. The soft material underneath will protect your horse from any excess heat. The SaddleCast will form to your horse’s back.

  9.  Once the Cast has completely cooled and hardened, you can remove it from your horse's back. Do not remove The SaddleCast before it has cooled to the touch.


10.  Continue exposing the Cast to the Sun. Hold your Cast horizontally as to not change its shape once off your horse. After about a minute, place the cast back on your horse to make sure everything looks good. Place the provided sticker on your SaddleCast.


11. Once the SaddleCast is completed, you will need to take a few measurements. Use a marker and draw a straight line where the leading edge of the tape is behind the scapula. This way you know where the saddle placement will be on the SaddleCast

  12.  Measure your horse's Dorsal spinous process (DSP), commonly known as the gullet width. From the spine, feel down until you get to the fleshy shelf of your horse’s back. Measure this distance from the Spine and multiply by 2. Put this measurement on the provided sticker. This measurement will be important for saddle shopping or if you are buying a custom saddle.


13.  Measure where the 18 Thoracic rib is on your horse. This is where the hair changes direction on the flank. Find the center and go up towards your horse’s back. This is approx. where the last rib is on your horse. Put this measurement on the provided sticker.


 14. Final step is to measure your Panel length. This is where the pen mark is on your SaddleCast from the scapula to the pen mark of the 18th Thoracic rib. This will give you the load baring area and not to exceed length when buying or purchasing your new saddle. Put this measurement on the provided sticker.



15. Remove the tape from your horse by pulling down from the top Buddy Tab. Do the same along the spine pulling from the center towards the tail. The tape will go with the hair and not pull any hair out of your horse’s coat.

Now you have the exact mold and measurements of your horse’s back to take with you saddle shopping or to send into your favorite Saddle maker for a custom saddle. Always remember, a happy and healthy horse is a willing partner.   

Happy Saddle Shopping!!