Saddle Fitters and Equine Professionals

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As a Saddle Fitter, it is very important to be able to capture all measurements of the horse for proper saddle fitting. There are a handful of tools on the market that make your job a little easier, but what if you had one tool that captures all of the important measurements needed of a horse's back. We understand how difficult it is for Equestrians to find the perfect saddle. There are so many stories, including mine, that have ended up with the horse becoming sore or unable to be ridden because they can't find a saddle that works. 

Introducing SaddleCast! A new innovative Ultraviolet technology that uses the sun’s natural UV light to quickly harden a flexible and pliable mold into a hard cast in the shape of your clients' horse’s back. It can be used as an all-in-one tool to take the guess work out of wither tracing and help with proper saddle fitting. 

In just 3-6 minutes, depending on the UV index, your customers can have a perfect SaddleCast of their horse's back. It doesn't matter what season it is, SaddleCast will work as long as the UV index is a 2 or above and the sun is shining in the sky.

 Check out the Instructions page and all of the demo videos

We wanted to offer SaddleCast to saddle fitters at a discounted rate as you are the key influencers and experts on proper and precise saddle fitting. 

For Saddle Makers/Manufacturers- contact us for bulk pricing or we can ship directly to your clients and send you a commission monthly. We want to work with you for your client's benefit. Contact us at if you are interested in speaking with us. We can set you up with your own personalized client code. You can find us on Facebook or Instagram at SaddleCast (@saddlecast_) • Instagram photos and videos SaddleCast | Facebook

If you are interested in becoming an Independent Rep for SaddleCast, contact us and we can discuss in further detail. 

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